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Yoga Begins Now:

Key Teachings from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the definitive text of the Classical Yoga system and important study not only for any serious student of yoga, but for anyone on a spiritual path, as it explains how spiritual transformation works on a deep level.  This course will be a great place for you to start or refresh your contemplative studies.

The text itself can seem daunting, and is not meant to be studied without a teacher.  In this course, I will help you unravel many of the key teachings from the text, and we will explore how to apply them to your everyday life.



  • Gain an understanding of the original traditional interpretation of the primary teachings of the Yoga Sutras
  • Explore contemporary applications of the teachings
  • Feel a deeper connection with who you are from that yogic perspective.
  • Learn how to integrate this understanding into your life.


You will receive a zip file that contains 24 mp3 audio recordings, and a written Study Guide with sections dedicated to each recording. You can simply listen to the recordings, or in addition you can complete the associated section in the study guide intended to deepen your access to the teachings and the applicability of the teachings to your life. You are welcome to also read along in the actual text, though this is not necessary.  A list of recommended texts is included in the Study Guide.

This format allows you to work through the material at your own pace and to listen to each recording as many times as you’d like.

THE RECORDINGS include the following topics:

  • 1. YS 1.1 atha NOW
  • 2. BACKGROUND – History of Yoga
  • 3. BACKGROUND – Reading a Sanskrit Text
  • 4. BACKGROUND – On the Yoga Sutras
  • 5. YS 1.2 –1.5
  • 6. Process of Study
  • 7. YS 1.12-1.15 Abhyasa and Vairagya
  • 8. Meditation – Luminosity of the Heart
  • 9. YS 1.20
  • 10. YS 1.33
  • 11. YS 1.34-1.39 Techniques for Steadying Consciousness
  • 12.  Meditation – Om
  • 13. Samadhi
  • 14. Ch 1 summary
  • 15. YS 2.1 Kriya Yoga
  • 16. YS 2.2-2.10 Kleshas
  • 17. Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
  • 18. The Yamas
  • 19. YS 2.33-2.34
  • 20. Niyamas
  • 21. YS 2.46-2.55 asana, pranayama, pratyahara
  • 22. 3.1-3.3 dharana dhyana Samadhi
  • 23. Ch. 2 Summary
  • 24. Final Thoughts


The study guide is organized around the teachings covered in the recordings. It includes

  •  a list of any specific aphorisms cited in the recording and their associated translations.
  •  questions for contemplation and journaling to deepen your understanding of the teachings, as well as apply them to your life
  •  some suggested practices based on the teachings.

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Headshot2About Your Teacher

I’m Cindy Lusk, the founder of Live Your Yoga. My teaching reflects almost 30 years of my practice and study of yoga asana, philosophy, and meditation. My teaching of yoga philosophy is particularly inspired by my many years of dedicated studies with leading tantric scholars Paul Muller-Ortega and Douglas Brooks.

Students in my courses often say that they find my non-academic and practical approach accessible, authentic and life-changing.

“I have taken Cindy Lusk’s yoga philosophy classes for years and I keep taking them.  From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita to The Shiva Sutras; Cindy holds the history of yoga philosophy with sincere reverence, super smarts and a humble attitude.  She helped deliver these studies to me in way that I could easily understand and apply them to the context of my asana practice and the greater context of my life.”

 – Erin J.

 “I feel fortunate for having had the opportunity to study the Yoga Sutras with Cindy.  As a yoga teacher I have read this sacred text a number of times.  However, with Cindy’s insightful and knowledgeable guidance I was able to reach a new level of understanding.  She has helped me shift my view of the sutras from seemingly disjointed bits of wisdom to an artful masterpiece laying out the amazing practice of yoga.  This new understanding and connection to the sutras has transformed my practice and my life.”

 – Jen B.

Join us in studying these great teachings.