Philosophy Testimonials

I have taken Cindy Lusk’s yoga philosophy classes for years and I keep taking them.  From Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita to The Shiva Sutras; Cindy holds the history of yoga philosophy with sincere reverence, super smarts and a humble attitude.  She helped deliver these studies to me in way that I could easily understand and apply them to the context of my asana practice and the greater context of my life. – Erin J., Longmont, CO

I feel fortunate for having had the opportunity to study the Yoga Sutras with Cindy.  As a yoga teacher I have read this sacred text a number of times.  However, with Cindy’s insightful and knowledgable guidance I was able to reach a new level of understanding.  She has helped me shift my view of the sutras from seemingly disjointed bits of wisdom to an artful masterpiece laying out the amazing practice of yoga.  This new understanding and connection to the sutras has transformed my practice and my life.  -Jen B, Colorado Spring, CO

We’re blessed to be able to study with Cindy because she’s thoroughly studied & practiced anything she teaches. I think her greatest gift is the way she engages us to participate with her & to enjoy the journey together. The thoughtful space she creates for the conversation of yoga. Isn’t that the grace of the practice of yoga; the conversation & community? Cindy embodies the scholarship & joy of yoga. -Vivian M., Castle Rock, CO

Here is what I love about studying yoga philosophy with Cindy: It’s serious, it’s deep and we laugh a lot. All sophisticated and not so sophisticated comments are welcome. I get food for thoughts and apart from connecting with Cindy, I feel connected to something that was there before I was and will be there when I am gone.  -Marita H., Boulder, CO

I truly enjoyed our Bhagavad Gita class with Cindy. Her talent and knowledge combine to cultivate a learning environment that engages metaphysical complexities with an open heart. Cindy also anchors a deep sense of group compassion that really helps a student in connecting to the material at its core. I would recommend her classes to anyone interested in deepening their practice, advancing their study, or on a path of personal growth.  -Tucker C., Boulder, CO

Cindy’s yoga philosophy classes have opened up the world of yoga for me. I knew there was so much more to yoga than asana, but studying the yogic texts with her made the larger teachings more real and accessible to me in my everyday life. Her teaching is informed and thorough, and her careful study and deep knowledge of the text are evident. In a world where so many teachers seem to develop their own angle on yoga, I consider myself blessed to have found a teacher who respects the strength of the teachings on their own merits even as she honors each student’s journey through that text.  -Meredith R., Boulder, CO

I have done a number of scriptural study programs with Cindy and find her ability to consistently present esoteric material in an accessible, unintimidating way refreshing. She doesn’t just spoon feed her students, either – her carefully crafted questions and study sequences draw out insights and discussion. In a realm where many times there is no ‘correct’ answer, only interpretations from one’s own experience and deep contemplation, she is patient and honors opinion and revelation. Cindy keeps her groups on task and set achievable goals for progress – she expects engagement with and commitment to the material. Whether you wish to dip your toe into yogic studies or deepen your own growing understanding of these texts, Cindy is a wonderful guide.  -Jackie B., Louisville, CO

Cindy is known as our Colorado Sage.  She’s the one that the collective yoga kula turn to for wisdom from the great yoga teachings.  What makes Cindy’s courses so potent is that she has spent and still spends endless hours, days, months, years in reading and studying the scriptures.  Her fervent pursuit of yoga studies brings an enthusiasm and an authenticity to what she shares that is solidly steeped in knowledge from direct experience of self-study, meditation, and pranayama practices.  Along with all her steadfastness, Cindy  also brings a good sense of humor and humility to the studies and real-time application of its prinicples.  -Joyce M., Denver, CO