Contemplative Studies

Contemplative Studies (on-line)

One of my greatest passions is studying and teaching the great texts and stories of  yoga to deepen the understanding of yoga itself. My goal is to teach the ancient philosophical teachings of yoga in a way that is authentic, accessible, and applicable, guiding students to a greater understanding of how to live more loving and productive lives.

You will love these classes if you:
– are interested in the teachings of eastern religion, specifically yoga, but may be intimidated by more academic approaches
– like to take in the teachings in your own time and at your own pace
– appreciate an approach that presents the teachings authentically in their original context while emphasizing their applicability to the modern day practitioner.

Wheel of Yoga

This course will deliver to your inbox a weekly gem of wisdom teachings.  As inspiration, we will draw from source texts of yoga, poetry, current events, or anything that provides insight into living our lives more purposefully.  You will be invited to contemplate, reflect, practice and write about the teachings, as well as interact with other participants to whatever degree you wish.

The course includes weekly recordings of the teachings, an accompanying study guide, and two live teleconference Q/A/discussion phone calls, as well as interaction via a private Facebook group.

Winter 2016: Introduction to Tantra

Spring 2016: Pratyabijna Hrdayam: The Heart of Recognition


Self-paced Yoga Philosophy courses

The self-paced courses are appropriate for anyone who has the desire and willingness to grapple with the material.  Each course allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the yogic teachings and integrate this understanding into your life through audio recordings and a related study guide.

To deepen your understanding of the great teachings of yoga, check out these courses

Available Courses:

Yoga Begins Now: Key Teachings from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the definitive text of the Classical Yoga system and important study not only for any serious student of yoga, but for anyone on a spiritual path, as it explains how spiritual transformation works on a deep level.  This course will be a great place for you to start or refresh your contemplative studies.  To begin your studies of the Yoga Sutras, click here

Introduction to Ganesha

Ganesha is the elephant-headed God who stands at the threshold and is known as the Lord of Obstacles. And as such he has a lot to teach us about how to negotiate the challenging aspects of our lives. In this course, you will hear some of the popular stories of Ganesh, as well as learn about his iconography.

You will receive three recordings and a study study guide. To begin your studies of Ganesh click here