Although many associate the term “yoga” with asana (posture) practice, the traditional core heart of yoga is the practice of meditation. In fact, in order to most effectively “Live Your Yoga,” meditation is the essential practice.

I tried several forms of meditation with no success. Then I enrolled in a program with the founder of Blue Throat Yoga, Paul Muller-Ortega in which I received the practice of Neelakantha Meditation, in addition to the support I needed to understand how it works and how to integrate it into my life.

This practice has had a profound effect on my life, truly allowing me to live my yoga in a way I never realized was possible. Through the practice I have established a living experience and connection to a place within myself that guides me in all of my actions and has helped bring transformation in the external situations of my life. I am generally more relaxed, less stressed, and more loving. My emotional center feels steady and I am less reactive. And I find myself feeling more connected with all of life, and dedicated to creating a better world for all its beings.

So having practiced since 2009, I became an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation in 2016 and I am so excited to now offer formal personal instruction into this meditation.

Neelakantha Meditation is easy to learn and practice, as it utilizes the principle of effortlessness. It does not require harsh concentration or controlling the mind. Most importantly, it is specifically for householders, people like you and me who have careers, homes, and families. This practice is not one of withdrawing from the world, but is intended to enhance and support your life as a full participant in the world.

To receive this practice, you will participate in a small group gathering on specific consecutive Saturday and Sunday afternoons. During this weekend, you will be introduced to the practice, receive the practice with associated instructions on how to do the practice, as well as a deep understanding of how the practice works. You will also receive pointers on how to integrate the practice into your life.

The weekend is just the first step of an 18-month program of support offered through Blue Throat Yoga to aid you in establishing a lasting practice of meditation. For me, this was one of the most useful and important aspects of Neelakantha Meditation. It is not simply a weekend workshop that leaves you on your own to continue. You will receive a full offering of support to help you navigate the challenges that inevitably arise, answer any questions, and support you in establishing a lifelong transformative practice.

This support program includes live teleseminars, previously recorded teleseminars and lectures, and a vast online library, in addition to a number of other resources. Find out some of the specifics of the program here

You will also be invited to local gatherings open to all Neelakantha Meditation practitioners.

The total cost for the initial weekend with me, along with the 18 month support program from Blue Throat Yoga is $450. Payment plans are available.



Please contact me here if you are ready to receive this extraordinary and transformative practice, or if you have any questions.