I am a longtime yoga practitioner and teacher, which includes not only yoga postures (asana), but meditation and yoga philosophy.

For me, yoga is not about staring at your navel or performing gymnastic feats, but instead it is about health, healing, connecting to the essence in yourself and all things so that you can live in, and contribute to, the world we all share.

I teach yoga because it is transformative.
I help people transform themselves by finding a deeper part of themselves, a well-spring that connects them to their center, establishing groundedness and joy. This connection serves as a guide to navigate the circumstances of everyday life and create more beauty and love that the world so desperately needs. Your yoga practice should be transformative, and ultimately that transformation allows you to Live Your Yoga.

Allow me to help you Live Your Yoga.

We will work well together if you:
– would like to begin a meditation practice
– wish to practice yoga asana in a safe and intimate environment
– appreciate yoga asana sequences that are intelligently sequenced and adaptable to your level of practice
– are interested in adding the practice of meditation to your asana practice
– are hungry for the deeper teachings of eastern philosophy, but may have been intimidated by texts or courses offered by experts
– appreciate a down-to-earth, non-academic approach to learning the underlying philosophy of yoga
– want to dig deep within yourself to apply the teachings to your life
– are willing to show up, and understand that learning and practice is a process that sometimes is challenging and takes time
– you are willing to transform



I began studying yoga while in grad school pursuing a PhD in social psychology.  I quickly realized its beneficial effects, and immersed myself fully into the practice, first studying Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman and Pattabhi Jois, as well as teaching it at The Yoga Workshop.  That is where I met John Friend and later became certified in Anusara Yoga, becoming a leader in that community, mentoring teachers, and sitting on the certification committee.

Throughout my years of yoga study, I struggled to connect with the deeper sources of yoga.  I began studying the Yoga Sutras with fellow students and then offered study groups with students at my home.  I was delighted to study for many years with tantric scholar Douglas Brooks. In 2009, I began a meditation practice and studies with Paul Muller-Ortega, and I became an Authorized Teacher of Neelakantha Meditation in 2016.

All of these various studies, and some of my earlier life experiences led me to seek out and share the great teachings of yoga.  I’ve seen the great benefit of the teaching in my life and that of my students and I am dedicated to offering courses that present the authentic teachings in a way that is accessible and applicable.

The details of my life journey are available here.